How To Get A Flat Stomach For Teenage Girls?

I'm 13, 137. 6th pounds, 5'7" and I truly want a flat stomach. My stomach is certainly like flat until you can this little section in addition to its above my waist and its a little fat pouch. I've been cheating my diet but I'm gonna start it back Tomorrow (Thursday). We have a well balanced diet when i diet.
Anyways, Before I go to bed(this is what I do now in addition to I dont know in the event it works) Post do 30 crunches, 30 leg-lifts on both thighs, and stretch. I walk for about one hour a day and ride horses(i always heard burns calories). I just want guys to not look at me in disgust in the summer. Please help.

It is not enough! If you desire a toned stomach perhaps even abs. You have to do reps

For example a . m . do 15 crunches side let and right stomach. Then take 10 next brake do another 12-15 take break then another 15. You have to focus on all areas on your stomach not just crunches. Then turn side techniques and do side crunches which works your side abdominal do a similar pattern. Total should end up being about 90 reps

It should be executed early morning late morning and before you go to bed Totals through out the full day is 270.